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Getting indoor plants can be tricky with Newark Florist get All House Plants Delivery in Newark DE.

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Who does not love a good indoor plant? Well we absolutely love them. There are a ton of benefits of indoor plants. We all know that, plus they look amazing as home decor pieces and that’s not it. Indoor plants also look like a great hobby to follow. Having these plants around will bring more light to your house, more color, and freshness for sure. Getting indoor plants can be tricky with Newark Florist get All House Plants Delivery in Newark DE. It's going to be an awesome journey with plants if you take the right care and give them due attention every now and then.

A list of indoor plants from kirk's flowers that you would enjoy to have around you-

White buttery

As cute as its name this plant has interestingly shaped leaves that are not fully green. So this is not your conventional green indoor plant. The best thing about this plant is that it's beginner friendly. This plant is also known as Syngonium or Arrow head. So, this plant needs a good amount of watering, but make sure that the soil is dried out well before each watering. This plant does good in medium light, and would also need some amount of fertilizers.

Snake plant

Another lovely indoor plant that looks good and grows tall with otis thick leaves. This plant has a deeper dark center, with lighter green around the edges. Fun Fact, this plant is scientifically known as Dracaena trifasciata. A tip to keep this plant doing well is to place it in a terracotta plant, and water from the bottom. Place the pot in a dish full of water for a few minutes and let it soak. This plant does not tolerate over watering well, so be careful there. It tolerates light pretty well. So there you are good to go.

Money Tree plant

This plant is scientifically known as Guiana Chestnut or Pachira aquatica. This plant needs some good watering every once a week. Make sure to always check the soil, and keep this plant in indirect bright light. If the light is direct they would require more watering. Set a humidifier or mist them as well as they do good in moisture. Money plant also has a deep symbolism, affluence, nobility and auspiciousness.


Get a lovely orchid bloom plant with Flower Delivery in Newark DE. Orchids are a great plant to have in your living room or at the center table. These look gorgeous and grow in indirect sunlight, with mild once a week watering. This plant also would do amazing in a humid environment. Consider getting a humidifier if you own more such plants. Orchids also have some meaning to them as they symbolize luxury, beauty, love and strength. You can choose the color for your orchids, you have the option like purple, white and yellow.

Kirk's Basket Dish Garden

 If you still are perplexed and want them all, get yourself a dish garden. In here you will find an especially curated mix of plants or succulents that look lovely, that too in a basket. You can put together aglonema, white butterfly and some more.

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